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Unlimited—a collection of diverse and stimulating original poems, by Rita Janice Sall—takes us on a never-ending emotional roller-coaster ride for the senses: the heart, the mind, and the spirit. Her unparalleled depth of feelings touches on a myriad of subjects pertinent to this thing called life. An adventure for the hungry soul, Unlimited, is so much more than simply poetry. It is an exploration of life's experiences that takes you on a joyous yet thought-provoking journey of the heart—one that intimately touches on all things human. It speaks of life as we know and live it: of truth, love, passion, disappointment, and despair; of inspiration and motivation; of immense feelings of hope and faith, belief, and trust; of undeniable spirit as well as the endless beauty of nature; and of the world in which we currently live. Her words and visions will fill your senses and satisfy the need to think, to feel, to experience as she takes you on this amazing voyage that reaches out to the very depths of one's humanity.Her words and imagery will grab you by the heartstrings as she gently guides you on a wonderful tour of self-discovery through her artistry as a poet—one that brings us to the core of our kindness, compassion, and understanding. If you love the indisputable magic of words, of poetry, with all its undeniable visions, images, all its nuances, shapes, and shading—then Unlimited is a must-read for you. It will touch your heart and allow you to think and feel as you have never done before—just for the sheer joy of it.

--Rita Janice Sall

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