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Unconditional Love

Reno's life has always been ruled by money, drugs, and women. But after spending eight long years in prison, he decides to put all that behind him once Allah blessed him with Islam. Once out of prison, he finds out that his girlfriend of five years, Yuri, has been keeping her own secrets with another man, which in the long run ends up costing her dearly and forces Reno to relive an old way of life he had long since buried and struggled to forget about.

He is faced with many tests and temptations while on the streets of Tulsa, and because of unforeseen circumstances, he is forced to get back in the game, which is something he's vowed to his Lord never to do again.

Unconditional Love is a gripping story filled with betrayal, deceit, violence, and lies. It is sure to get your blood boiling, in good and bad ways. It is a story of how one man's love for a woman allows him to commend the good and forbid the evil of her naturally crooked ways and how God's love for him eased his pain.

This is a must-read romance—a cerebral, sometimes sensual, sometimes suspenseful, and quite memorable ride to which many people can relate.

--Alphie P. Mckinney

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