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UFOs – A Scientific Inquiry

This book deals with the relationship between the appearance of UFOs as part of our conscious reality and the physical evidence left behind that substantiates that reality. The book shows how UFO evidence is examined and evaluates the mind's ability to distort and alter the information that is perceived, further complicating the identification of the unidentified flying object.

The phenomenon is examined from a historical perspective, tracing their interaction with the development in our civilization and culture. The startling conclusion addresses the issue of what their presence means in light of the new millennium and how their appearance in ancient history has been a harbinger of major change and upheaval on the earth.

A UFO report form is provided by the author in the appendix at the end of the book. A continued study of and investigation into the UFO phenomenon is encouraged. This book includes common modalities that the reader can access to conduct their own continuing investigations.

--Christopher Montgomery

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