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Twinkle: A Universal Tale

So it looks like I, Jigs, a member of the Starling planet species, who looks like a cat (shapeshifting into a human-type form with cat ears and nose), was chosen to write this book’s cover.

Folks, this story begins with a call for help from the Arcturians, the alien species designed to watch over Earth. They are basically the “good guys,” as the “bad guys,” the Reptilians, landed on Earth and started all kinds of mayhem for the humans! The heads of other planets’ species join forces with the Earthlings taken from many different time eras and who traveled back into the future to join in the fight to rid Earth of the dangerous Reptilians, along with corrupt heads of political powers who are ruling Earth now! Laced with loads of truth and facts, it really makes you wonder about who you really thought you knew! I tell you, better hang on, as this is going to be a crazy ride! You’d best learn to keep up if you want to read this fast-moving book, babe!

(Okay, I got a little carried away. But man is this a cool book!)

See you in the pages.


--B.K. Heine

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