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Twin Memoirs Volume Two

The continuing saga of the DeMarco brothers begins with book 3 as they both struggle through college. The inheritance the twins received from some mystery man would not only bring change in

their lives but also in the life of their mother. This event will forever change their future, their journey and their story. Years of intense study at college prepare the boys for this new global adventure. New

people enter their lives which results in great friendships and eventually

business associates. Book 4 continues as the DeMarco brothers run the gauntlets of Wounded Knee in the early '70s, the building of the town of Eagleton, Colorado high in a valley of the Rocky Mountains in the late '70s and the sky tower, the DeMarco international headquarters in downtown Denver being built in the early '80s. Several deaths occur, natural deaths, because we all grow old. But as one dies, others are birthed and the story of the brothers continue. Within the same family, to be quite honest and somewhat crude, out with the old and in with the new. More secrets are revealed, old friendships are reunited, challenges lie ahead, dreams come true and new adventures begin.

--Robert W. Parsons

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