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Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade is a collection of short stories written by Chris Knoll in the late 1980s that delve into the supernatural. The first short for which the book is titled has our hero trying to save his friend from selling his soul to the devil by beating the demon at his own game. "Sleep Well" is a sleep study that has gone terribly wrong making the students prisoners of their own dreams. "Savior II" follows a man's last day on earth as he witnesses nuclear destruction. The fourth in the series, "The Bag" is an exorcism gone wrong and the frantic attempt to send the demon back to hell. "Kravitis's Fall" is the struggle between good and evil as a construction worker nears death. "Misery's Children" centers around a brother and sister, who, after their father's death, learn the tragic and horrific truth about their inheritance. A pickpocket in "The Light Touch" steals the wrong wallet. A shape-shifter becomes whatever he wishes to do whatever he wants in the "Roue."

You will want to read Tricks of the Trade with all the lights on. If you dream, you may want to wait until morning to read this. Otherwise…sleep well!

--Christopher Knoll

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