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Through Your Daughter's Eyes

Cancer strikes—this time, my very Best friend, my mother. We had always talked about writing a book together, but some things end up only that—talk! My mom was an independent, unbelievably respected business woman and loved by all who knew her. My husband and I had some time convincing her it was time to move in with us due to her horrible battle with lung cancer. It was now my turn to take care of her. We went to chemo at least two times per week, and while my mom dozed, my therapy was my writing. This book, in poetic form, is complete. It's about me, a daughter, seeing things through her mother's eyes, as well as my own pain and thoughts. I was fighting alongside her to no avail. How did I let out all the heartache and grief—writing. Writing was my way, the only way I could help fight for myself. My will was not enough for this most treasured woman, nothing was . . .

This is for all of you who are going through this horror and are unable to channel your pain. It is so important to know what you feel is "normal". So many of us can join hands—no one needs to experience such agony alone; it is important to know others do know, do understand, and are here alongside you.

--Teri Rebhun

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