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Through Narrowed Eyes

Lisa Hatchett, a very devoted wife and successful psychotherapist, feels that she is the most blessed woman ever. After living in and out of foster homes most of her adolescent life after the sudden death of her parents, she'd always dreamed of having a very successful career, but not just any career. While living with the devastation of losing her parents, she felt that she needed a rewarding career where she could help others overcome their emotional and mental challenges. Hence, the reason she persevered and earned double master's degrees to become a criminal psychologist. But suddenly, Lisa's world is turned upside down when she starts to receive menacing phone calls and threatening letters. She begins to become unraveled.

Bodies are beginning to turn up in this small community of Ingleton, Minnesota. There has never been anything of this nature to happen before. The citizens of this community are all horrified and wondering who is next. Lisa begins to wonder if there is a connection to the murders and obscene phone calls and letters she has been receiving. But who would want to hurt her and why?

--Kimberly Williams

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