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Three Mothers for Margie

Three Mothers for Margie is a happy-sad-happy story of a little girl trying to navigate through her young life, having moments of great joy only to be followed by ones of profound sadness and loneliness.

Losing the one person that gave her so much love, Margie wondered what would happen to her. Above all, would they want and love her? Would they adopt her?

For a short while, happiness found this child, by riding on the back of a black stallion named Midnight, only to be reminded what he was purchased for.

Margie delighted in attending a red one-room schoolhouse in the green hills of picturesque Vermont. She was happy meeting new friends that helped her to forget questioning what may be in her future.

At age nine, she was told she'd be leaving the only family she ever knew, to be placed with strangers. Margie was terrified.

--Marjorie Bleau Waldorf

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