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Thou Shalt Not Steal: And Other Myths and Shenanigans of the Business World

This book began as a personal history of my business endeavors, experiences, and accomplishments but somehow got sidetracked. The interesting characters, incidents, and situations that I witnessed along the way completely overshadowed my original intent. These schemes and shenanigans make for a much more interesting and entertaining read as well as a somewhat larger book.Most of us try to observe the "thou shalt not steal" ethic regardless of what religion we profess to be, or if we are not religious, it is either a written or unwritten law of all societies that I am aware of. Whoever it was that professed "I can resist anything but temptation" nailed it pretty well. I believe that many of us have a threshold at which it would not be wise to be tempted especially when the odds of being found out are between slim and none.I pass on my observations, experiences, and thoughts as they pertain to the subject as well as other random and disjointed musings that might, I would hope, be enlightening, entertaining or, by some stretch of the imagination, have some redeeming quality.

--Ray Knudson

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