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This Tree Said

Enter the majestic world of trees that God made for us to enjoy. Trees come in all shapes and sizes. They give us fruit/nuts to eat, wonderful sounds when the wind rustles through their leaves, great aromas, and shade from the hot summer sun.I spent much time as a child climbing trees. I can't convey the joy and wonder I felt.It is easy to go by a tree and miss its majesty. We have to slow down and even stop to really see them.The idea for this book started sixteen years ago on my mother's seventieth birthday. On the way home from this joyous occasion, the words for This Tree Said flooded my heart and mind.Thank you to my husband, Jon, who gave his love and support through this process.Thank you for our heavenly Father, who gives his children "good gifts."This book can be enjoyed by all ages.So enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

--Jennifer Sowers

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