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This Thin Veil

This Thin Veil became the author's brainchild while running from the town he lived in, Eudora, Kansas, into Lawrence, Kansas, and his turn-around point, which was the site of the original Lawrence during the Civil War. It was here he became curious what those interred would have to say of the raiders, some of whom are seemingly deified for the event by the now-city itself.

The author has passion for knowledge of the hereafter, more specifically for himself, as for those close already gone; he based this book on personal conjecture of life after death with what he has learned of the supernatural when life as we know it ceases. He had fun writing this piece because he was able to interject true personal experiences in with fictional characters and his own spiritual beliefs. For some, this book may be a catharsis and, for others, a horror story.

--James E Hammond, Jr.

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