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Thinking Your Way to Becoming a Productive Rep

I have successfully experienced being a sales plus enrollment rep, a supervisor, a sales consultant, as well as a "certified life purpose and career coach." In each of these endeavors, I have experienced personal growth and understanding of how to increase my ability to be more successful.

Reading this book will expose you to the various characteristics I have encountered to heighten my understanding of how to advance my awareness. Truly improving is an inside-out journey. You have to become a better person on the inside to rally your results on the outside. The question you need to ask yourself and honestly answer is, How you can teach another to do something you haven't earnestly learned how to do yourself? Not having comprehension is like the dump leading the blind.

I wrote this book to truly aid you to better understand so you can help those you service to more fully achieve their heartfelt desires. You will not experience hundred-percent success, but I can guarantee you'll achieve a higher level of success if you comprehend and apply what I have shared.

Bits of wisdom have been shared with us through sayings that have survived the annals of time. Let some of the axioms you encountered be the guiding light that illuminates your path to fuller success.

Here are a couple of my favorites. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." I see this as meaning, "Let your imagination be the spark that empowers your knowledge to heighten your abilities." Then there is, "To error is human, to be perfect is divine"—meaning, "Don't intentionally make mistakes, but acknowledge them when you do, and let these shortcomings be the lessons that stimulate personal growth heading you closer to divinity." Then there is, "Good luck is nothing more than preparation and opportunity coming together." Allow self-honesty to prepare you by acknowledging your errors, thus accepting responsibility and learning, then watch good luck become a fixed companion.

So hopefully, may some of my words make you wiser and usher more success into your life, plus the lives of many others!

--Walter Gay

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