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There's Hope Yet

This book is an enlightening story about an incarcerated father and his daughter.

Darron Wiliams is an incarcerated father currently serving a lengthy sentence. He has two daughters that he loves very much. For the past ten years, Darron has been absent from his daughters’ life. Throughout his incarceration, he has steadfastly tried to maintain constructive relations with his children. In “There’s Hope Yet,” Darron brings forth a powerful memoir of an incarcerated father’s experience with his eleven year old daughter. He encourages all imprisoned fathers to find constructive ways to stay connected with their children.

“You’re still the father” is the message that Mr. Williams wants to portray to his readers. He encourages all incarcerated fathers to challenge the perception of the dead-beat-dad. No one can relinquish your responsibility to your children but yourself.

--Darron Williams

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