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The Wounds of Life

It is a story about an Iranian college student during the war between Iran and Iraq in 1980. Because of the war, he was forced to leave his country and pursue happiness, a better life, and religious freedom so that he could practice his love for Christianity, which was introduced to him by an American missionary, Father Fredericks, back in 1978 and 1979 in Tehran, Iran.

In his quest for his freedom, Darius comes to the United States and eventually ends up residing in the state of North Virginia. There, he finds the freedom to continue his education and become a good doctor and a heart surgeon. He also discovers his beloved wife, Sandee. She becomes his best friend and colleague, and after one year, they get married. They eventually have two daughters, Artemisia and Farah Claire. One becomes a Virginia State Trooper, and the other becomes a US Navy Medical Officer who serves in Afghanistan.

This is also a story about one family and their two daughters and the many obstacles they encounter and eventually overcome.

This is a story that provides a unique and inspiring perspective on the power of true faith, perseverance and the enduring legacy of the human spirit—a must read!

--Mario Marco

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