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The Wanderers

An expanding sun, a doomed Earth, and a race against time to save a small fragment of the world's people. Their only hope lies in an aging observation platform being hastily retrofitted for deep space travel. This vessel is the only existing ship large enough to accommodate the courageous pioneers on their long passage through space.The Wanderers takes you on a journey of more than forty years--from the initial discovery of the coming cataclysm to the space voyage inside a wormhole. The travelers find a planet in a distant solar system that they believe to be their new garden of Eden, replete with not one but thousands of serpents. No one is prepared for what they discover on the surface of Arilias-6, or worse, what discovers them.Greatly influenced by the writings of authors such as Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Vincent Tanner's tale of the wanderers seamlessly blends action and dialogue into a moving and imaginative adventure.

--Vincent Tanner

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