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The Vineyard: Sacred Ground

As far as the party life goes, Alex has lived it. Basking in the day-to-day bachelor/playboy life at his father's expense while in Athens, Alex Pompados awakens to the cold fact that he must return to California to run his inherited Rosa's Vineyard after his father's death. With the consultation of his father's trusted partner, they devise an idea of becoming "one with the vine." An ancient Indian burial ground reserved for warriors of the past, the notion that plots would be offered to the wealthy unclean clearly violated any previous treaty. As the vine progresses and demand for the nectar increases, the rage of the holy ones below translates into the very lives of those who indulge. With his ever-increasing nightmares, Alex realizes that it is only a matter of time until the warriors will have their revenge. But will those intense warnings be enough to wean Alex from his greed and put a stop to the horrors that await?

--Kurt Lahr

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