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The USA Love It or Leave It: Writen by a retired NYC cop

America is under siege by the liberal left, mainstream media, and the radical Hollywood elite, the do-nothing A-listers who complain the most but contribute the least. We give much praise to the actor who portrays the real hero. We give little praise to the real hero, the veteran. The country has never been so divided as it is today. I was born and raised in New York City—no silver spoon here. I spent eleven years in the NYPD. I saw many things before and after my time there. I have never seen the likes of so much anti-hate America garbage being said. I have always loved my country 100 percent. I knew early on that this is the single greatest country on the planet. Millions and millions aspire to call the us home. People are trying to get in, not out. Many have said that they will leave, but I do not see a mad dash for the Canadian border. President Trump is constantly under attack by the radical left. I have never seen in my fifty-nine years or heard of a commander in chief going through what he does. All the while, he still has to run the country, and he is doing very well at it. The left hates it and him because they can show you nothing. It's all about the power that they don't have. They will stop at nothing to get it.

--Tony Faraci

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