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The Up of The Down Beat

The musical journey chronicled in this book is an interesting, truthful and in some instances a very funny revelation of events, places and people encountered. Beginning in this writer's hometown, Savannah, Georgia, to national and international places, there's always an unexpected, yet thought provoking twist of occurrences and incidents throughout his encounters with many Jazz greats. Much like the syncopation found in Jazz music, the journey of the author's encounters is unexpected, yet every moment or experience shared with other uniquely talented, creative and interesting Jazz musicians left lasting impressions for a lifetime.

Through personal experiences and associations this musical journey reveals insight, information and trivia that is probably not considered as being common knowledge about several Jazz musicians, many of them of national/international prominence. Like the lives and music of these musicians, the element of surprise and the unexpected are an intricate part of their makeup....thus "The Up of the Down Beat" is most befitting when describing them and the environment in which they dwell.

--Teddy Adams

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