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The Unforsaken

One day, a fine warrior brought to the brink of death by the bite of a Black Mamba, survived and in weakened state was imprisoned by slave traders, and taken to Spain. The father of seven was determined to get back to his wife and family in Africa.

Returning home would take all of his faith in his Creator God that he would not be forsaken. Saddened still by the long absence of their patriarch, his family is going on with village life, until one fateful day, the slave traders come for them! The horrible comprehension of so many abandoned villages has come to light.

Will Kabilla return in time to help his people, or has time run out for all of them?

With heart pounding trials and near"death encounters, this pivotal journey is fraught with danger and the evil outcome is uncertain-but what is faith for?

--Vaughnod Wilson

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