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The Truth Revealed: A Sequel to the Truth Behind the Lens

Paul Mitchell and Matthew Pierce have been taken by assassins from their old agency, who have long since hunted them down and wanted them dead. Both men have accepted the notion that their mission has failed and that they would end up like everyone before them. Before they are shot dead, both men manage to break free and escape, where they meet up with Amanda Knox, who has been released from jail by her former partner, Veronica Valdez, who emerged from hiding after many years in isolation. They begin their long journey to Washington, DC, where they are placed into the witness protection program by Attorney General Stephanie Underwood in order to start their new lives. President Atlas receives their folder and befriends Congressman Douglas Kerr, whom he picks to lead the Atlas Commission, created to investigate its contents. As Kerr investigates, several attempts are made on his life. As the dominoes begin to fall, will the president and congressman succeed, or will the truth be buried forever?

--Paul Antonucci

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