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/: Legacy of Lies


Raised far from the shores of his ancestral Scottish home after the mysterious death of his eminent father, surrounded by the children of princes, diplomats, billionaires, and those of privilege most vulnerable to terrorists and kidnappers, Ian Thorne seems much the same as all the others requiring such an extreme pinnacle of protection and anonymity.

Only . . . Ian has a secret.

He is, in reality, nothing like his fellow classmates. He can do things others can’t. Little things. His eyesight is keener, his hearing and sense of smell are better, and he is stronger, faster, and frankly, far more intelligent than his peers.

These are abilities he has learned never to divulge. But there are secrets his closest friends do know about, like the freaky, vivid dreams of ancient battles and a beautiful blond warrior woman that he can’t seem to get out of his head. And then there are those other dreams . . . of drowning in the murky green loch near the estate where he lived until he was five.

Are these incessant nightmares actually distorted memories from a past he can’t remember? After all, he was supposedly with his father on the day he died. But what about the rest? He is certain that the Scots haven’t adorned themselves with animal pelts and ancient battle armor or waged war with swords and spears since antiquity. Nothing about his unusual abilities or the vividly bizarre night terrors that threaten his sanity makes any sense.

But all that is about to change.

Summoned back to his ancestral home in Scotland days before his seventeenth birthday, Ian is completely unaware of the danger that awaits him or the truth about his heritage that is soon to be unveiled.

Alone and isolated within the imposing old manor where he once lived with his father, surrounded by wild forests, brooding Scottish terrain, and a deep, misty loch where a mysterious ghostly lady walks in the early hours before dawn, he must decide what is real and whom can he trust. He must delve into secrets others would prefer remain buried.

Here in the remote homeland of his people, Ian is about to make a discovery that will change him forever. Not only is the truth about his past a lie, but . . .

The ancient Celtic myths are true!

--Winter Adaire

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