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The Tale of Tito's Tail

From a young pinky, Tito has been allowed to play and have no responsibility. As he matures, he gains chores and begins to develop a role throughout the village. All the while, the Boom Rockers have regular adventures that he must attend because that is where his allegiance resides. He hides the balancing act of a pack leader amongst his friends and acquiring new tasks from a more mature end within the village. His inner conflict of how to become the young buck every villager expects of him becomes increasingly taxing because he’s not sure how accepting his clan will be to his new demeanor. After all, his friends have followed in his shadow without him ever realizing, but one at a time, they begin to have their own spotlight. Can Mr. Adagio help to make sense of it all?

When the leader of the village, Uncle Guido, decides to throw a project at Tito, it’s a great deal of stress that Tito manages to pull off, but not without the help of his friends. The clan once known as the Boom Rockers slowly molds into a sharp-dressed mafia of problem solvers for the village. Tito learns the definition of true friends when the size of the village more than doubled in size overnight. While exploring into the great unknown of Genoa, Italy, little does he know he will also expose the reasoning behind the shortage of cheese throughout his village.

He never meets a stranger, but now, he’s forced to.

--Wendy Butler

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