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The Swan with a Princess's Dream

Diamond is a swan who dreams of being with the prince that almost killed her. Prince David being an honorable, dutiful prince is torn for the first time in his life between his heart and his obligations to his kingdom, as he travels to meet his bride-to-be, Princess Audra. Princess Audra is a carefree, willful princess that longs to find a way to free herself from the bonds of being royalty. Reluctantly, Prince David and Princess Audra enter into an arranged engagement not knowing they are about to embark on a journey that, with the help of some very loyal friends, will change their destiny. Diamond finds that having blind faith and trust in those around her, that her dreams come true. Princess Audra has no idea, that her traveling to Prince David's kingdom, will have her play a role in changing her fate and other's. In this story, fate is wielded by determination and the unconditional love of friends.

--Elizabeth Keebler

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