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The South Has Risen Again

The south has risen again and brought death, destruction, and a devastating futuristic battlefield with it. This compendium tells the story of population control, government conspiracy, and most of all, brutalities of war. Many years into the future, an epic conflict floods the country within a bloodbath of endless carnage. In a pollution-ravaged, overpopulated time, the United States wages its second civil war filled with massive death machines, power armor, and catastrophic weaponry. The South Has Risen Again chronicles several years where genocidal battles slaughter millions in an attempt to save the nation's dwindling supplies of fresh water.

The vanguard for the Northern Army is made up solely of conscripted-prisoner battalions that get utilized as cannon fodder more than anything else. This time line follows along as Fexter, a defiant young drug dealer, is thrown into military service, where he enters a hellish life of pain, prejudice, brotherhood, and extreme violence. Through his rough years at war, he learns harsh lessons on how to grow up, find love, and deal with the aftermath of lost friends.

--Ray Mead

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