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The Significance of Balance

There is something wrong with the world. Life and death depend on a delicate balance of the elements within nature. When these elements fall out of balance, the world will pay the price.

The element of FIRE gives warmth and safety. The element of WATER gives life. The element of EARTH gives protection, shelter, and food. The element of WIND spreads seeds for crops and controls the climate. All of these are bound to the elements of the heavens LIGHT and DARK.

When the balance is altered, then the elements will turn against mankind. For the elements that provide can also be formidable. Fires will spread and destroy all in its path. Floods will wash away homes and crops. Quakes will swallow and destroy settlements. Tornadoes will lash out, and hurricanes will tear through everything.

This is the world we live in. If the balance is not restored, there will be no more life to speak of.

Two brothers come of age and seek to take the Trial of Ascension. Many in their village have tried, and all have failed. These two brothers are different. Destiny has chosen these two to be the champions of balance.

--Galen Bruce

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