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The Seturner Conspiracy

A global "death syndrome" is paralyzing medical facilities the world over. What diabolical plot is at work? People are dying for no apparent reason. Sister Lily Elizabeth and her dedicated followers are faced with patients who were healed and are suddenly dead.

There was a time when pharmaceutical companies developed drugs to cure or prevent sickness. Drugs that killed, caused birth defects, resulted in addiction, or that had side effects worse than the illnesses that they were designed to cure never reached the marketplace.

When was the last time a cure was developed? There is no profit in curing illness, only in eternal treatment. Now pharmaceutical companies are simply drug dealers motivated by profit alone. This is not an expose of the pharmaceutical industry, but it makes one think.

An investigation is spearheaded by the USFDA's Dr. Grayson Gill into the possible involvement of a pharmaceutical agent in this sudden-death issue. In the meantime, a diverse group of crime fighters—FBI's Alvin Brandon, Scotland Yard's Sir David Charles, and even Interpol sleuths—are investigating a possible tie to a terrorist chemical warfare conspiracy.

• What does little Freddie Fender Ramirez, the Green Machine, Urbanati Construction, or Marion Pharmaceutical Corporation have to do with it?

• Who are Karim Mashid, alias Jose Vigil, and Hamid Mohamed, alias Raul Benitez?

• Who is Stewart Miles, and how does his discovery instigate this pandemic?

• Who is Boris Silversen, and what is his connection to all of the above?

As the different pieces of this mystical thriller come together, a conspiracy is revealed, crimes are solved, and justice is served, but not before thousands of innocents die.

The reader is taken on a frantic journey from Thailand to Brazil, to London, England, and New York, through jungles, hospital wards, corporate boardrooms, crime groups, and behind the walls of major crime fighting organizations as the author tells this tale of adventure, murder, intrigue, and conspiracy.

--William Newby

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