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The Second Angel: A Home Office Lord's Novel

Lord Charles Hawkly, the new Duke of Hawkhurst is still reeling. First his father died at New Year’s, then his brother dies in a fall that may not have been an accident at all. If it wasn’t for his best friend’s wife giving birth, he’d think bad luck was following him. They say bad things happen in threes. So what could possibly be next?

At the bequest of her father, Lady Angelique Barnes is on her way to London for the season with her maid after mourning the death of her mother. Unfortunately, an unavoidable crash has left her injured and her maid dead. It’s as if someone is trying to keep her from London. Thankfully the young lord of the adjoining estate has kindly offered to put her up while she recovers. Could this be the ‘Prince Charming’ she dreamed of as a little girl?

Unsatisfied gentry and disgruntled soldiers are running rampant through the Hawkhurst estate and surrounding lands. The ongoing investigation reveals things are not as they seem and decisions must be made. Charles has found his own personal angel. The question is—can he keep her?

--Lor E. Lynn

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