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The Seal Of God On Your Forehead

As Christians, we’ve always been told about the mark of the Beast and the end time. We were never told about the mark of God in our foreheads. If you read in Revelations, you will find that the children of God are known by his mark in their forehead. On the front cover, you will find my portrait with the seal of God printed on my forehead. When I have left this earth, I wish to be known as a child of God. The work that you will find inside this book is a collection of messages from God, as I am a minister. You will also find poetry that has religious undertones. Some of the poems are uplifting, some of the poems or informative, and some of the poems are heart-wrenching. As a writer, I hope that in some way and somehow, my work will inspire you. Some, I hope, will help others and prevent children from being abused as I was abused from a very young age. Some of my work was difficult for me to write, but with God’s help, I was able to do it. Some of my work will make you laugh, cry, and smile. Thank you for purchasing this book. I hope it will help you throughout your life. Remember to teach it to your children so that they can teach to their children. I hope that it will be a road map for those of you who have to live through the message of The Seal of God on Your Forehead.

--Suzonne Wallace

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