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The Scream of Innocence

Bella, an autistic elementary school girl, comes from a well-to-do but uncaring home. Her mother and father frequently push her off onto the school that she attends but makes it difficult for the school to provide services for her special needs. Bella, unable to communicate, struggles with everyday life and needs to be assisted with simple things such as eating, using the bathroom, and changing. Things get worse for Bella before they get better. Bella’s mother sees her child as an obstacle and as competition as she tries to seduce a newly assigned assistant principal who befriends the little girl. Now, as the new principal, he must find ways to help his little friend help herself. Bella, still unable to communicate, is being abused. The principal suspects the abuse is coming from the home but is unable to prove his accusations and has to work around Bella’s parents’ money and power that saved them from numerous litigations. The principal must overcome the obstacles placed before him and find a way to prove their guilt.

--Michael Perez

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