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The Scaberrain Recueil : Book I: Dark Revolutions

Jeb Renquist and Rade Rennix are two completely different people. Jeb is a disgruntled professor at a local university on Earth, drinking away his problems, butting heads with other staff members, and having unprofessional relationships with some of his students. Jeb is all alone in an unbearable existence and wants to end it all. Rade, on the other hand, is a top-notch pilot on a planet called Scaberrain. He is well-respected by his colleagues, loved by his adoptive father and brother, and in love with an incredible woman. His life seems almost perfect, and he could not be happier. So why do they have such vivid dreams about each other?

Rade is found unconscious after disappearing for months, but he has no memory of what happened to him before his capture by the Bektarrians. His boss is skeptical, his father is worried, and his girlfriend is just happy he's alive. Rade once again tries to prove his abilities and loyalty, but his CO has doubts. To make matters worse, a memory retrieval process ends up with more questions than answers. Rade pushes everything else to the back of his mind and throws himself into his work and personal life.

Rade and his squadron are selected to work with an elite group of fighters to embark on a top-secret operation. While on the mission, Rade is notified of a devastating attack on his home base. Life will never be the same for anyone. Follow Rade as he fights the monstrous Bektarrians, rekindles his romance with Slace, the love of his life, and tries to live up to the high expectations as the Black Shock.

--Jason Bowen

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