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The Road to Harlem

Grace Fae is a fairy in the realm of Promegade, living in the town of Lancaster. Nicholas Knight is a hunter of all things mystical. The huntsmen believe that mystical creatures have no right to tread on their lands and to live in their villages. The war between the fairies and the huntsmen had been going on for years until a treaty was made to make peace by drawing a line down the center of Lancaster. As long as the creatures do not tread past the border onto huntsmen territory, they remain untouchable, but one foot passed the line, and you're on your own. Consent will be implied for the huntsmen to deal with the creature as pleased. Simple enough, right? Don't cross the border. One day, little miss Grace Fae is picking her berries for her famous blueberry pie for the fairy festival when a pack of sheep drove her onto huntsmen territory by accident. This is where she is taken hostage by one Nicholas Knight, out on the run himself, and off to the city of Harlem. The road to Harlem will be a dangerous one, and Grace agrees to help him get there in exchange for her safe passage back home. Will Grace die at the hands of Nicholas, or will something so crazy unfold, that it begins a whole other brand of war?

--Mai Koheel

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