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The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of a Man

This book is the story of a boy growing up to be a man and the events that led him to make the career choice he did. It is an account of the challenges he faced, his successes, and some of the devastating losses he suffered along the way. The book contains a description of how after a memorable thirty-two-year career, the man threw away his legacy, his reputation, and his community by making a series of bad choices. These pages contain an account of the ramifications of these choices—ramifications that still exist years later. Finally, this script describes this man's struggle against these ramifications and his attempts to rebuild a devastated life.Some major life topics within the context of this story that are discussed give food for thought. Why some relationships, even those that occur at a young age, can lead to life-altering decisions. How the growth that comes through experience and a consistent positive work ethic can convert a subpar worker into a master craftsman. How personal loss not resolved can result in devastating consequences years later. How our world's reliance on credit scores and background checks make it nearly impossible for a person to rise up again after a transgression. The fairness of the tendency of today's world to completely judge a person based on the single worst event in their life.The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of a Man is a worthy read for those who want to be entertained, for those who wish to examine some major topics inherent in each person's life, and for those who wish to examine the direction in which society is currently headed. Is there room in our society for the idea of a second chance?

--Brian Sanborn

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