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The Return of Nephilim

Economic turmoil, rising crime, and unrest thrive in the news. When it comes to surviving disaster, remember the parable of ten virgins (Matthew 25:1–13). Five virgins were prepared, and five were not.

There are people behind problems the world is facing today. Problems just do not arise. Elites use orchestrated problems to justify legislation that pushes their agenda. An influential cabal of elite wants you to believe in a business cycle, nations rise and fall naturally, and a strong central government is essential for society to function. People accept the world as being helpless without their elites keeping the wheels of progress moving.

Ask yourself, “Who really has kept the wheels of progress moving? Who were the people that benefitted humanity?” Then ask yourself, “What institution has been responsible for the slaughter of millions, or perhaps billions, in history?” When you do, it becomes clear that our elites control history and manipulate the masses. They want you to think government, the institution they work to influence most, is necessary.

There is a way out. The people who hold the secrets of the kingdom (Luke 8:10) are still alive and flourishing. However, they need to wake up from their slumber and push back against the forces seeking their genocide. Freeing themselves from the genocide of multiculturalism will free themselves from invaders and traitors who seek to ruin them and rule God’s kingdom, the kingdom from which they hold the secrets.

--Alan Dean Paul

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