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The Real Me Behind the Diguise for Everyone Else

The real me behind the disguise for everyone else is a powerful self-evaluation about the disguises that I and many people struggle with: putting different masks on in different situations and around different people; looking for closures in life that sometime isn't meant to have closure to; looking for love in all the wrong places; not loving yourself or putting yourself first; basically living your life for everyone else but you. I mean, its hit many different topics in life that many of us struggle with every day, from falling in love, getting your heart broken multiple times, forcing pieces to the life puzzle that just don't fit, asking questions that never get answered, losing yourself in loving someone else, dealing with being a single parent, to feeling like just giving up on life because, at times, it become too overwhelming, even getting even with revenge. We have some lovemaking wrapped up in this too, along with family issues, and much more. This is a book that relates to everyone in the world on many different levels. Just know everyone has a story and is, most of the time, similar to another's. You are never alone.

--Kieshan Wilburn

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