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The Prophets and the Executioners: The Darkness Book 2

Previously in Book 1 of the Prophets and the Executioner The Awakening.It was December 2011 when Steven Di Carlo suffered a horrific accident that put him in a coma for sixteen days. During those sixteen days, he was awakened to his purpose on earth by being shown several of his past lives, spanning thousands of years and a vision of a future time.His story began on his home planet amid a devastating war, a planet destroyed by greed, a home they chose to abandon in search of another. Arriving on Earth ten thousand years ago, they found a planet in dire need of cleansing and not much safer than the one they had left behind. Too tired to search for another and too eager for their long journey to end, they decided that Earth would become their new home.In 949, Plati, Greece, living his life as Thaddeus, son of Constantine, his two uncles were executed, and his father was the one who ordered the execution.In 1789, Lockerbie, Scotland, living his life as Francis Mackenzie, he was awakened to the evil forces of Daniel Macleod, the brutal murder of his two children, and the loss of his wife, who died of a broken heart a year later!In 1958, living his life as Giuseppe D'Amato, he was awakened to the wickedness of Luciano Lo Sciavo at an epic battle in the small Italian village of Amato. His only son was shot dead, and his wife died trying to save him!In 2011, Riverdale, New York, living his present-day life as Steven Di Carlo, he was awakened to a vision of a future where his wife and children would be brutally murdered and the world would be brought to the brink of darkness. To save his ninth family and all of humankind, he would need the help of others like him and the guidance of the path to defeat the darkness.Will the executioner be able to save them, or will evil prevail? Find out in The Darkness, book 2 of the trilogy The Prophets and the Executioner.

--Frank Franco

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