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The Plight of the Cell Phone Junkie

The Plight of the Cell Phone Junkie is a book about cell phones and the impact they have on society. It's meant to give people insight on the true effect that cell phones have made on society. It's a sarcastic and witty, yet truthful, book about how we utilize our cell phones in public places. Most cell phone junkies will be able to relate to every chapter in this book or knows someone that can. If not, I'm sure there's at least one chapter in this book that you can relate to, or it may actually describe something you've done or seen done. I hope to get a few laughs out of this book, but my main purpose of writing this book was simply to make people aware of their surroundings when they utilize their cell phones in public. You may not realize until after reading this book, just how addictive and annoying cell phones really are.

--Gia Larry

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