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The Pier

Over unbridled waves, a young man ventures down a massive wooden pier, pursuing the beauty in the sea. As the cool summer breeze pushes through his hair, he ponders his reflection upon the tranquil surface and asks, "Who am I?"

He never imagined asking a single question would unveil a treacherous seascape. Fierce storms darken a pristine sky as branches descend from the pier and charade temptation as truth. Incited by a submerged deadly foe, delusion, desire, deception, and dread come to life. Uncertain of his path, the young man finds insight for his journey in an unexpected friendship with a frail, homeless man.

Unraveling clues cloaked in paradox, the young man must choose to reside upon the pier or battle the predator lurking in the depths. As the young man weathers the seasons of life, is the seascape only what he perceives, or is there more? Will he find the answers in the sea? Will he know the pier?

--Darren Lovick

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