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The Perfect Women - A Fairy Tale

"I cannot make sense of this data from Sine," said John Djerassi, the genomic profiling expert. He looked at Samuel, slightly puzzled. "I have never seen so much woman in any sample before." He gave a lopsided smile and continued, "Looks like the perfect woman."*****It should have been an easy case for Samuel, a New York traffic police officer. His boss told him to just get rapid closure with a perfect report, something to bolster his résumé for a transfer to a better post. But when Sine died a violent death, Samuel suddenly finds himself embroiled in a scheme far beyond anything he ever dreamed—murder, human trafficking, and more, a sinister use of modern biological sciences to unleash a viral war leading to the extinction of all people. Except those of a certain kind.

--Josephine deBois

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