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The Orphanage on Reflection

The book Orphanage on Reflection is a story about two boys who were left without any family after a devastating fire took both of their parents and their home. The boys, Francis and Leo, are now under the care of a staff in the orphanage, which is a whole new experience for them. Both of the boys are very adventuresome and are always pushing the envelope in their activities. Some episodes are life-threatening and others as noted for their mischief. All of which is being recorded by Margie, the resident nurse. All the events described in this book are the authors real-life incidents, but not always with the same people. Only the names and locations have been changed to protect the subjects in this book. As you read along with each episode of their adventures, you can almost visualize, one, the potential dangers of some of them and, two, the events that report the misadventure of the two boys in their teens and are left loose to explore life in the real world. As you read this book about their experiences, it makes you wonder how they can get into so much mischief. Believe me, it was easy.

--Kenneth Collins

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