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The New Dance Card: Looking For Love Online

When “Love” threw Annie a curve ball and threatened to turn her life into a tailspin at the age of 56 she stepped up to the delicious plate of “dating” and began to hit it out of the park.

After her husband left her, Annie was initially confused about what went wrong in her 30-year marriage. She thought she was alone and unique but soon found out after re-entering the dating world there were many lonely hearts out there “looking for love” again.

Over eight years Ann jumped into the online dating pool. Her experiences are chronicled in her first book “The Dance Card” Looking For Love After Divorce. It speaks to the human psyche regarding relationships. It is a story of midlife self-discovery and redefining ourselves after a challenge in our life.

In “The New Dance Card” Looking For Love Online Annie continues her quest in finding that perfect partner for the last third of her life. With a new perspective, she is throwing strike after strike at would-be-lover after lover, date after date, she is kissing and telling. Can you handle the do’s and don’ts of the second installment? From the silliness of Mr. Jitterbug, the heartache of Mr. Waltz or the scamming of Mr. Hustle to the exciting and sensual Mr. Ballet, time after time Annie’s failed attempts to find her perfect match online, this sixty-something writer, athlete and former nurse might be ready to be swept off of her feet by a man with a radically different background whom she crossed off her dance card once before.

Will it be Mr. Tango, the narcissistic control freak or Mr. Rumba the sexually addicted marathon junkie with a high libido who was obsessed with sexting, or perhaps Mr. Jitterbug; the high wire act, uninhibited with unpredictable moves or maybe Mr. Waltz, the charming younger man who charmed the pants off of Annie with his smooth rhetoric and romantic moves but held secrets that were soon revealed?

These and more online dating episodes will take you, as they did Annie, on a wild roller coaster of emotions, outlandish thrills, sprinkled with laughter.

--Ann Reichardt

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