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The Mu Conspiracy II The Storm

The Neutral Zone has been breached, the Axolan Mines rendered impotent, and alien invaders are bursting forth into the jaalm practically unopposed. The nightmare predicted by the infamous IG group is finally coming to pass, and the defense of the jaalm is, ironically, about to fall upon the shoulders of those demonized dissidents whose stealth and foresight over the years would ultimately provide the only defense the jaalm could send to stem the tide.

The mighty Defense Armada, not yet up to full strength, is sent out as a lethal welcoming committee to meet the enemy and stop them in their tracks. But there are many lessons ahead for the new Surdish military, lessons about the nature of an alien race more vicious and more terrifying than any Surd could ever have imagined. And as the forces for the defense of Unavaaris race at plus-light speed toward a violent clash with an unknown enemy, Commander Tehmet Khurn Ashelahmel occupies a front-row seat.

Meanwhile, Agent Marc Keslin finds himself at an agonizing crossroads. Should he follow orders and ignore the tantalizing clues that want to lead him along a dangerous path? Or should he follow his instincts and pursue a course that will put him at odds with the most dangerous person in the jaalm? Maybe it would all be worth it if he could only locate Professor Nerlong and find out just what this Mu thing is all about for he suspects that it lies at the heart of the horror that is now descending upon the jaalm.

And for the disgraced Lt. Damon Brek, his mission, now, is to do whatever it takes to redeem himself and, at the same time, win the heart of the lovely Khareth Makensee.

--R . Arlan Young

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