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The Mu Conspiracy

When the Neutral Zone separating Unavaaris from the Tark Empire was upgraded with state–of–the–art Axolan mines, it was promised that Tark technology would not be able to surpass that of the mines for hundreds of years. This ushered in an era of peace and security that had never before been seen in the jaalm. Because of this, the people were prompted to demand that the government dissolve the military, ban all lethal weapons, and severely restrict intelligence–gathering by the government through stiff right–to–privacy laws.

However, not long after the new laws were passed, a rogue group within the police force took it upon themselves to maintain the old – world intelligence – gathering protocols against the probability that hostilities would eventually resume. Now 200 years later an unsanctioned covert operation within the Tark Empire, has uncovered a startlingly concerning situation that has so far gone undetected: the Tark people are no longer in control of their own jaalm.

Sometime over recent months, a vicious race of beings has come out of the void of intergalactic space and has descended upon the Tark Empire, seizing control of the government and subjugating the Tark people with an iron hand. They are looking for something.

And someone in the government of Unavaaris knows what that something is.

It is feared, from the new intelligence out of the Tark Empire, that the aliens might move their operation out of Tark space and into Unavaaris, only now the technology of the Axolan mines will not be able to hold back the onrushing tide.

Unavaaris is going to need a military to meet this new threat, and it is going to need it now.

Enter secret agent Marc Keslin, who is just coming off probation when he stumbles onto evidence of such treachery within the government that he is compelled to conduct his own investigation, putting him on a dangerous course, navigating the mysterious waters of the Mu conspiracy!

--R Arlan Young

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