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The Moon Lake Legend

A woman whose father has just passed away tries to keep the resort her dad left behind alive. A college kid who has a knack for finding trouble with his anger and aggressive attitude toward women has been banished to the woods. A thirty-something man who has not grown up, teaching in a prep school and working as a bartender in the summer, begins a normal summer at the resort. A young woman who just graduated from a high school in the Adirondacks and desperately wants to escape but needs money finds a job. And a college professor who escapes to the mountains to relax during the summer finds himself swept into the mix. These people spend the summer at Moon Lake, a small body of water in the Adirondacks that has a small resort with a lodge and cabins along the shore. Each has their own strengths and issues and must live together in an isolated setting next to a lake with an ancient legend passed down from the local American Indians. The legend spoke of an alien rock under the water that when disturbed released a horrific entity. The summer moves along, and the resort enjoys success with a variety of guests, great and miserable. But when a duo of divers want to search for the legend, there is a worry that the legend might be released. A hot summer day will reveal the truth behind the Moon Lake Legend.

--L.J. Russell

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