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The Medic

Bo Wakefield is a paramedic married to Beth, who is a physical therapist. They are enjoying their young marriage with their three dogs and kitten. They have the world by the tail, planning a family, and nothing can get in their way. That is until a series of killings start occurring in Pulaski County, Arkansas.

The vigilante killer is killing all the perpetrators of the defenseless victims in Bo's district. Having already been arrested for suspicion, and with more evidence mounting and pointing to Bo, he is desperate to have the killer caught, so he hires J. P. Dayton, the best attorney/private investigator that money can buy, and together, they are in for the ride of their lives.

Could a family massacre from twenty years ago hold the key to the identity of the vigilante killer? Bo seems to think so, but the detectives don't believe it. They are convinced that Bo is trying to transfer their attention off himself. Could the four-year-old lone survivor of the massacre, Jason Wesley Jones, have grown up to avenge his family's deaths and Bo just got caught in the cross fire? If so, where is he and who is he? Time is running out as the killer zeroes in on Bo and his wife.

--Tracy Grimes

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