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The Magical Seasons

Waking to the summer sunshine beaming into your room, inspiring you to jump out of bed and run outside, joining the singing and chirping birds, deeply breathing the fragrant morning air.There is something wonderful about a rainstorm. The joy of snuggling in the covers, listening to rain beating on the windows. The excitement of pulling on boots and a raincoat with a colorful umbrella to stomp through puddles and wet grass, filling one's senses with damp, clean air.The glorious sparkle of bright new snow and feeling joy in building the first snowman of the season to greet everyone going by. Catching snowflakes on your tongue until you are almost frozen, then enjoying the warmth of the kitchen as you come in from the cold, to sip hot cocoa. The stunning sight of brilliant colorful trees in autumn, and the anticipation of this glorious season with the ending of summer, beginning a new school year. Butterflies in your tummy, with the feeling of bursting excitement like invisible fireworks. Every season truly is, magical.

--Marilyn Sant Huppi and Judd Duane Huppi

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