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The Lookout: A True Story

This true story will keep you captivated from beginning to end. It's about my relationship with my older brother who I idolized and the influence he had on my normally gentle spirit. I will tell you stories about my unorthodox life as a kid in a small town and take you into the crazy, fascinating, world of my brother where I learned about money, expensive cars, clothes, and promiscuous women. I traveled a dangerous road by assisting my brother in his lust for easy money and excitement while developing into a young man at the hands of a group of women who loved, cared, and helped me at the top-of-the-world whorehouse. After my brother and his partner pulled off one of the most difficult and dangerous burglaries imaginable, I was left with the task of finding buried money at the Kings Ranch in the Arizona desert with the help of my lady friends. Often times frightening, this book will keep you turning the pages with a mixture of adventure, humor, and tenderness.

--Mickey Sanders

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