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The Last Kings of Elysium

Psychologist and struggling aspiring writer Kris Bronson was just your ordinary hardworking guy. But that was the problem. He wanted more. Desperate for the search of finding the imagination he craves so badly for his own writing, he looks to the minds of the criminally insane, particularly two men who seem to have survived the annals of time. What started off as a job turned into one of the most fantastical roller-coaster rides Kris would ever experience. Carried by the tales of the Trojan War, to the demise of Julius Caesar, and even a nod to the Arthurian legend of Camelot, Kris finds the imagination he has been looking for. As he sees the magic of these two seemingly insane, dangerous men go to work on his mind, the stories of worlds within our own, guarded by monstrous and magical figures, he realizes that he is doing much more than finding a cure to his writer's block. He is being convinced that there is much more to this world than he ever realized, one that would inevitably be the end of the world as we know it by the hands of a modern-day terrorist that seems to have his own magical ties to Kris and the two men he conducts his sessions with.

--Edward Lemay

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