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The Last Goodbye

It's a November day and a visit to the grave site of Anthony Rutigliano, one of countless fallen American young men from the Vietnam war triggers memories of years past for John Fratangelo. This true story tells of the life John and Tony, two inseparable cousins had during their young years as kids in the Bronx and their adventures together through their teen years and their time in Vietnam. It tells of John's young marriage while in the army and his trials and tribulations that he endures during his two years in military service. The book has some humorous moments but sadly they are overwhelmed by the heartaches and losses that occur during the military. The story is highlighted by the apparition that John has of Tony on the night that John finds out about Tony being killed in Vietnam. This scene was what inspired the writing of this book. However, the story does not end there. It goes on to tell of the tragic events that continue in the life of John, nicknamed "Pizza" by his Recon buddies. It shows and informs all who read it that combat is no joke. It's real and horrific and all those who have endured it can attest to its atrocities. "The Last Goodbye" is a read that is sure to bring both a smile on your face and a tear to your eyes and will have a lasting impact on the way people who read it come to feel about the combat veteran and have a new found respect for every man and woman who proudly serve their country so that you, the reader and future generations will be able to live free and safe forever.

--John Fratangelo

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