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The Lady in the Bathroom

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Just like everybody else, I’m a horror fan. I like the fear. Getting nightmares, sleep paralysis, hearing things that are not there.

Growing up, I’ve had my fair share of nightmares watching rated R movies on a Friday, Saturday nights, turning off all the lights in the living room, eating junk food. Sometimes on the weekends, I share ghost stories with friends and family.

Playing hide and seek or town tag late at nights, pulling all-nighters playing horror video games. I’ve come to realize getting less sleep, I get quite the sleep paralysis experience.

I’ve heard things that are not in my presence. I’ve seen blotchy shadow images at the corner of my eyes. Growing up, I didn’t realize how powerful the mind could be tricking us when we are not prepared for it.

Growing up, I have this experience strongly imprinted in my mind. I definitely shared them with my family, relatives, and friends. Then I realized I wanted to share these to the world, to those that are interested in my experiences. So with my strong memories of fear, I’m excited to share you the details that I can remember growing up. Have a great day, a great weekend, a great holiday. Thank you.


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